Sunday, September 30, 2012


   ~ Day 30 ~        A PARTING WORD       ~ Day 30  ~

Cecil closes this book with some thought provoking questions like, Why do we want to write? and, What pushes or compels us to keep on writing? Even in the midst of uncertainty, rejections, and inner and outer critics of our work? We don't have to write, in fact he says that life might be easier for us if we delete all our document files.

But he advices us that if we feel we must write, if we know that we will never be fulfilled unless we give our best, then we will be miserable if we delete our files. He says, "Wouldn't you feel better to say at the end of your life, I tried, than to say, If only I had...?"

For me, I 've come to realize that the words "There is healing in the writing" that were spoken so gently into my heart when I first began this 30 Day Writing Challenge were true. The chains have been broken, and my voice, my writing voice, has been set free. My hope is these healing words hold true for you too, no matter what, or who, has kept your voice captive.

Cecil wants us to consider the possibility that we have stories to tell the world, teachings to inspire others, and words to encourage the fearful and isolated. He writes, "You can focus your energies on all the reasons you can't or shouldn't write. Or you can say, "I have things to say. I have to write them."And who knows the effects of your words?"

He gives us some final thoughts to think about.

* Write to find out who you are.

* Who you are determines what you write.

* The more you write, the more you learn who you are.

* The more you learn who you are, the better you like yourself.

* The better you like yourself, the more you're able to help others.

* "Unleash the writer within."

All I can say is Cecil Murphey, your stories and teachings from this awesome book have inspired me. Your words have encouraged me when I felt fearful, and isolated. You've helped me to focus my energies on reasons why I should write. Your words of wisdom from each of these chapters and Aphorisms will have a lasting effect on me. Why? Because you've unleashed the writer within me! You have given me the tools that I need to carry on with the next chapter of my writing journey and the desire to want to say at the end of my life, "I tried !"  "I let go!".  With healing words and loving hands to guide me, I've returned to innocense in my heart. You see this is where the healing beings and freedom is found!

My hope is that you the reading audience have enjoyed this 30 Day Writing Challenge. That you have seen the face of grace peering behind the pages and read the words of wisdom between the lines from Cecil Murphey's book Unleash The Writer Within and the Release The Writer Within postings. My prayer is that you will pick up your pen and write, clear your voice and sing, tune your instrument and play or what ever it is that you feel unleashed and released within to do! 

Listen to Cecil beckoning you to: "Unleash the Writer Within"

Until tomorrow,
Bless you,

My heartfelt thank you to Cecil Murphey for giving me permission to write a 30 Day Writing Challenge on your book Unleash the Writer Within. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the encouragement and grace you have given  me to write and tweak my way through your wonderful book.

My thank you to Brenda Leyland for providing the Blogging ABC's for Newbies course so I could set up this blog site and begin blogging/online writing. I appreciate your encouragement. To my dear friend Marcia Jansen for seeing a diamond in the rough in me many years ago and encouraging me as a friend and a writer to carry on. Your gracious advice is always appreciated. To my family for being my extra set of eyes to catch grammar and spelling errors even though we still missed the mark on some of them. To you the reading audience for taking the time to read each posting and for visiting this site. I hope you will continue to come and visit this site and follow me on my new adventure  Where The Healing Begins Blog Site !



  1. How quickly that 30 days flew by. You did it and what a start to your new blogging venture!

    Wishing you well in your new one.

  2. Thank you for all of your encouragment!
    It was a challenge but I really enjoyed. I took this week off to have a break so next week I will try and do some more postings on the next site!