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~ Day 16 ~        FINDING YOUR VOICE       ~ Chapter 14 ~

                             THROUGH OTHERS

In this chapter Cecil talks about finding our writing voice through others and how certain writers speak to us through their prose, whether it's fiction or nonfiction. He says,"You may have a favorite writer or book at one time and change later. That may be one way to look at your growth."

I can totally relate to the above comment. Through the years my taste and perspectives have changed.  Authors and topic choices that I once enjoyed I no longer find interesting and in some cases don't even agree with! Truthfully when I was in high school I didn't even enjoy reading and English was my least favorite subject. If you would have told me 35 years ago that I would one day enjoy reading and have a passion to write I would have said never in a million years. But I have learned, never say never !

Cecil shares some personal examples of various writers and books and movies that have  given him insight about himself and his own growth.

He writes, "If it's true that we're like the characters in the books we read, the obvious implication is that connection with the author or the writing helps you to form your writing voice. Instead of merely enjoying a novel, what would it be if you paused to ask?"

* Which character mirrors me?
* What can I learn about myself?
* Which characters do I dislike the most? Which ones anger me?

Cecil goes on to say, "When you read, whether fiction or nonfiction, those authors speak words that penetrate your heart. They nudge you toward growth and improvement. They stir you intellectually. They motivate you to act." 

 Cecil finishes off this chapter by sharing some more personal experiences in writing. He writes, "Today I'm  grateful for all the writers from Victor Hugo to Henri Nouwen. They helped me discover my voice."

The Aphorism for this chapter is: "I find my voice through understanding others."

Until tomorrow,
Bless you,

Aphorism # 14:            " I find my voice
                             through understanding others"

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