Monday, September 3, 2012


~ Day 3 ~        WHY DO YOU WRITE ?       ~ Chapter 1 ~

As I read the first two lines of chapter 1, the questions Cecil asks, "Why do you want to write" and "What pushes you to keep on writing even though you receive rejection after rejections"? jump off the page and into my mind. I drew a blank for a moment as I thought about my answers to Cecil's questions. Truthfully, as I had stated in my previous posting yesterday, I basically haven't been writing for about five years. At least nothing that I really shared with anyone. Oh, I started an outline and a chapter in my future fiction novel and an article for submission to a magazine that never got sent.

You see I am no different than so many other writers out there or want-a-be writers, as some would categorize me.  But then I am reminded of the words that were spoken ever so gently into my soul, "There is healing in the writing".  For me, I believe the blank page is like a meeting place I can go to "lay the cards out on the table" or the words out on the page.  I can be myself or someone else if I am working on a fiction piece. I can bare my soul to the one that I am writing to, be it the Almighty Counsellor, family member, a friend or to that someone out there that may just need a word of encouragement for that moment.

Cecil put it this way, "I write to find out who I am". Some of the reasons Cecil gave for writing were to resolve issues and explore possibilities. At times, he said, "It's a form of therapy". I would wholeheartedly agree.
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Aphorism # 1 - "I write to find out who I am"


  1. You mention that there is healing in the writing. I, too, have found that to be true.

    Like your image of laying the cards on the table. So important to be honest with Him, with ourselves, with our readers.....

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for your input and encouragement!
      Thank you for providing the ABC course on how to set up a Blog site and start Blogging !!

      Bless you,