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~ Day 13 ~  GETTING LOST IN THE FLOW  ~ Chapter 11 ~

In yesterday's posting we talked about inspiration and learning to write whether you feel inspired or not! We also touched on learning to write in the flow. Today Cecil takes us a little deeper into getting lost in the flow.

Cecil writes, "Occasionally someone writes or talks about being in the flow or moving into the zone. Despite all their explanations  (or inability to explain), they imply this is the kind of writing that seems to create itself."

He goes on to share, "I'd say it another way: It happens when your writing doesn't pass through a conscious mind filter. You bypass obstructions or yells from your inner critic, and your fingers move smoothly, confidently over the keyboard."

Although Cecil admits he is no expert, he says that he does experience that surge of words now and then, and in his words, certainly more often than he did in his early days. "When I get lost in the flow", Cecil says, "time has no meaning. I'm hardly aware of anything except the thoughts that rush through my brain and end up on the computer screen."

Cecil makes it very clear that this "flow" is not some kind of hypnotic state, nor is it what some would call automatic writing. He is very aware of what he is writing and is highly energized. Unlike automatic writing which is described as, "information coming directly from God or some unknown spiritual source." He goes on to say, "The information comes from within, and it comes out sounding exactly like me. And I like the result."

When I read the previous paragraph, I have to admit a picture came to me of Cecil sitting in a lotus position, humming as he emptied his mind, closing his eyes, pen in hand, placing it on paper waiting for the automatic writing to begin. I had to smile and giggle to myself for the simple reason that image would never come to reality because, that image does not fit Cecil's personality, character or beliefs. If you happen to read this Cecil, I hope you laughed too!!

After sharing some interesting stories Cecil had when writing in the flow and after analyzing his experiences, he also shares a few things he has learned. I've taken the liberty to condense them.
First, when writing he has an intense inner clarity.
Second, time is not even in his awareness.
Third, there is an inner calmness, perhaps serenity.
Fourth, he is completely immersed and fully concentrating on what he is writing.
Finally, Cecil learned not to depend on such experiences.
He goes on to say that he doesn't try to make them take place or manipulate his emotions. "In fact", he says  "it seems to come when I stop trying to control the pace." 

"But best of all", Cecil says, "the flow comes when I'm ready. That means I've prepared myself with what I want to write and know my material. I tend to go through inner struggles first until that magical kind of release. That's flow."

The Aphorism for this chapter is: " I can't make the flow happen, but I can be prepared to embrace it when it does."

Until tomorrow,
God Bless,

Aphorism # 11:  "I can't make the flow happen,   
    But I can be prepared to embrace it when it does." 

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